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How Are We Doing?




David Fukuhara

Managing Director

Dorina Yee

Vice-President & CFO

G. Page Tanagi

Development, Marketing & Design

Arick Davis

IT & Network Systems

Lisa D'Amato

Accounting & Government Relations

Julie Reynolds

Office Administration

Todd Olsen

IT & Operations

Emilie Antiporda

Finance Operations Analyst




Kirsten Fukuhara

Manager - Sea-Tac Administration

Gervhen Alayon

Manager - Sea-Tac Operations

Jhona Eugenio

Manager - Food & Prep Operations



Sam Yee

Head Lead - La Pisa Café

Takara Smith

Head Lead - La Pisa Café

Maureen Melendez

Head Lead - Caffé D'arte

Melissa Deal

Head Lead - Caffé D'arte

Mustak Patel

Head Lead - Caffé D'arte

John Patrick Tayao

Head Lead - Hachi-ko

Ana Lakey

Head Lead - Hachi-ko

Additional valuable management support for Hachi-ko and La Pisa Café provided by Northwest Concessions LLC.